Just Cartridges Xtreme Game

Just Cartridges Xtreme Game

Loaded in a genuine 65mm High Density case to reduce recoil, Xtreme Game offers top performance at a truly sensible price. With a muzzle velocity of 1425fps and Diamond Shot to give better, more even patterns, Xtreme Game offers exceptional value for the discerning game shot. Available in a variety of loads and shot sizes to suit every eventuality.

The Xtreme Game 20

Loaded in a 70mm case again with the benefits of Diamond Shot. The 28gm features a MV of 1450fps and the 30gm giving 1425fps. An affordable alternative for 20 gauge game shooters seeking top quality game cartridges giving better performance at better value.

Just Cartridges continue to provide top performance shotgun cartridges at amazing value with their new range of Xtreme Game giving shot after shot consistency with great down range killing power.

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WadShot Size/1000/500/250/25
12gXtreme Game65142528F6£270.00£142.00£77.00£8.60
12gXtreme Game65142530F5, 6£280.00£148.00£80.50£9.00
12gXtreme Game65142532F5, 6£295.00£154.00£84.00£9.40
20gXtreme Game 2070145028F6£303.00£159.00£86.50£9.70
20gXtreme Game 2070142530F5£316.00£165.00£89.75£10.05

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